World Cleanup Day 2021

Saturday, September 18th, was World Clean Up Day. It is a day to raise awareness towards the waste crisis our planet is going through and what our role is in mitigating it.

Vikela.Earth was there to show our support, and in the 3h we spent collecting waste, we found all sorts of plastic raps, bags and bottles, straws, dispousable masks, shoes, diapers... All of that in an area with many garbage bins available.

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Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans. WWF estimates that the minimum lifetime cost to South Africa of the plastic produced in 2019 is a staggering US$60 billion, including clean-up costs to the government, threats to the health of the population and damage to livelihoods and key economic industries such as fishing and tourism.

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Business worldwide loose $2.5 trillion each year due to marine plastic pollution. So keeping our oceans and beaches clean is not just good for the environment, it has a direct benefit to us.

So let's start to recycle, re-use and reduce.
What have you done for the environment today?

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